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Tips & Techniques

How to prepare for the interview
How to act during an interview
Interview Skills by Boston College's Career Center -- Provides guidance and suggestions for before, during, and after the interview. Includes information on topic such as:
  • Research Before Your Interview
  • Dress For Interviews
  • Types Of Interviews
  • Questions Interviewers Ask
  • Questions To Ask Interviewers
  • Interviewing Advice From Recruiters
  • Interview Tips on the Web: Links to valuable suggestions from reputable organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, and others.


Keeping the Interview Process Legal:

USA Today article on conducting legal interviews

Guidelines on Employment Interview Questions:

IUPUI provides questions that may be asked and those that may not be asked pertaining to various subjects that could be brought up with regards to interviewing.

Targeted Selection

How to find the right person for your organization. Tips for interviewing from the business owner’s perspective:

Miscellaneous Web Resources:

Personnel Selection Guide by Provides lists of interview questions organized by subject or special interest.

Recommended Books (Available at Mooresville Public Library):
The manager's book of questions : 1,001 great interview questions for hiring the best person by John Kador
45 effective ways for hiring smart! : how to predict winners and losers in the incredibly expensive people-reading game by Mornell, Pierre

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